Attention Survivors:

Are you ready to take your peer mentorship to the next level?

Survivor Support Advocacy is a new way for experienced peer mentors like yourself to expand on the support you’ve been providing for years. Your real-life experiences and unique perspective can be invaluable to patients and loved ones facing life-altering challenges similar to the ones you’ve overcome.

“Survivors are a perfect fit for Independent Patient Advocacy. Our perspective can change lives and improve outcomes in ways the traditional healthcare system can’t even fathom.”

L. Bradley Schwartz

Survivor and Founder of Greater National Advocates

Turn Your Experience Into A Profession

Survivor Support Advocacy is part of a Greater National Advocates initiative to recruit peer mentors and survivor leaders into the fast-evolving field of Independent Patient Advocacy. Patients and their loved ones hire Independent Patient Advocates to help them navigate the formal healthcare system by providing guidance and resources that have been historically neglected.

Independent Patient Advocacy is about using your peer mentoring knowledge and training to support others- including patients facing challenges similar to the ones you’ve overcome. Greater National Advocates is developing Survivor Support as the next logical step in this emerging profession. Expanding Independent Patient Advocacy to include survivors and peer mentors makes perfect sense- especially since so many are already providing Independent Patient Advocacy services, without realizing it.

At Greater National Advocates, we’re inviting survivor leaders and mentors to join the Independent Patient Advocacy movement by getting listing on GNANOW.ORG, where your services will be visible and available to countless patients and loved ones across the country.

If you are interested in becoming a Survivor Support Advocate or learning more about the field, please sign up for updates below – no commitment is necessary.